Things to do in Dubai

12 Things to do in Dubai

Are you thinking of a vacation in Dubai with your family and loved ones?

You’re sure going to enjoy your vacation in Dubai, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, with its magnificent buildings and a variety of things to do.

To help you plan your stay, we have prepared things to do in Dubai with all the must-see sights and attractions.

What are the top activities in Dubai, then?

  1. The Burj Khalifa
  2. The Dubai Mall
  3. The Dubai Fountain
  4. Deira district and its souks
  5. Bur Dubai
  6. Dubai Marina
  7. Dubai Museum / Al-Fahidi Fort
  8. Dubai Garden Glow
  9. Dubai Frame
  10. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  11. Dubai Canal Walk
  12. Miracle Garden
  1. Burj Khalifa

In Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the place to go!

Since it was launched to the public in 2010, the tallest skyscraper in the world (828 meters) has quickly turned into a major landmark.

Every day, thousands of visitors arrive at the tower and ride one of the fastest elevators in the world to the observation decks on floors 124 and 125. From there you can enjoy a magnificent panorama across the city. And it’s far from the highest point!

You can even go up to the 148th floor to reach the highest observation deck in the world (555m high). You should visit the Burj Khalifa at night to enjoy the lit-up view of the city from the highest observation deck in the world.

2. The Dubai Mall

In the city center, right next to the Burj Khalifa, is the Dubai Mall. The largest mall in the world gets the most visitors! With over 1,200 shops and hundreds of restaurants, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

And there’s more:

This shopping temple also has an indoor waterfall, aquarium, ice rink, go-kart track, flight simulator, cinema, arcade games, and more!

3. The Dubai Fountain

This fountain (the largest fountain in the world) is one of Dubai’s main tourist attractions.

Fountain shows take place several times a day on the artificial lake at the exit of the Dubai Mall at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. It is best to go there at dusk when the tower is lit up. Watching the water jet ballet dance to the music is magical.

Shows take place every 30 minutes between 6 pm and 11 pm (there are some during the day too).

4. Deira district and its souks

Dubai isn’t all about modernization: there are still traditional and authentic neighborhoods to visit!

During your visit, make sure to walk through the Deira area, a stunning and well-liked area featuring many bazaars:

The gold market has several stores with top-notch jewelry showcased. The Middle East’s largest of its kind, it. Sikkat Al Khail Street is home to a perfume market.

Spice Market and its vibrant kiosks sell curries, cinnamon, turmeric, and other things.

5. Bur Dubai

Another unique neighborhood in Dubai that you really must visit is Bur Dubai. Additionally, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods is this one. Not far from Deira, across Dubai Creek. You must travel there in an abra, a tiny traditional wooden boat.

After a brief passage, you may take in the stunning surroundings and observe the “dhows,” the vibrant, traditional boats used to transport products to the market.

The following are the top attractions in Bur Dubai:

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Old Souk

Meena Bazaar

Hindi Lane

Sheik Mohamed Cultural Center

Al Seef Market

6. Dubai Marina

Let’s continue our visit to the city with a walk in the Dubai Marina district. There you can walk along the promenade along the beach and admire the yachts and buildings.

You’ll pass Dubai Marina Mall, a huge shopping mall with shops from brands like Levi’s, H&M, Guess, or Balmain. The best way to explore the marina is by sailing on a yacht.

7. Dubai Museum / Al-Fahidi Fort

 The Dubai Museum is located in Bur Dubai in Al Fahidi Fort.

It traces the entire history of Dubai, from the first tribes to live there, through the economic boom of 1971, to plans for the future for years to come. There you will find former fishing boats, objects from the daily life of the nomads, weapons, and archaeological remains.

The museum is very interesting and allows you to get a good idea of ​​what the city was like before its impressive development.

 8. Dubai Garden Glow

Numerous statues can be found throughout the park, and each night, a light show with music brings them to life.

A very spectacular sight!

Dinosaur Park is a theme park with several moving, growling robotic dinosaurs. It’s a hit among kids! It is preferable to head to Garden Glow after seeing this park one hour before it gets dark.

The Magic Garden is a location where you can snap amusing images because of the 3D set’s optical illusions.

9. Dubai Frame

One of Dubai’s newest tourist attractions, Dubai Frame, is already quite popular!

With Old Dubai on one side and Dubai City Center (Burj Khalifa) on the other, you may climb to the top of this enormous 150-meter-tall photo frame to take in panoramic views of two different regions of the city.

The bottom is composed of glass, which adds interest. Everything going beneath your feet is visible!

10. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Mall has this aquarium.

When you enter the aquarium, you first pass through a tunnel full of sharks and other fish. Then visit the underwater zoo on the second floor to find various species of fish, seahorses, and jellyfish.

The highlight of the visit is the zoo’s star: King Croc, at 5 meters long and 750 kg, one of the largest living crocodiles in the world.

11. Dubai Canal Walk

The Dubai Canal Walk, as the name suggests, is a very pleasant walk along the canal.

The journey starts near the Business Bay metro station and allows you to follow the Dubai Canal for about 3 km. You can walk either side of the canal, crossing one of the 3 beautifully designed bridges.

You can also enjoy dinner cruises and abra tours along the canal.

Boats pass under an artificial waterfall whose “curtain” opens automatically to let the boats pass!

12.  Miracle Garden

   The Dubai Miracle Garden will welcome you with more than 150 million blooms!

You can take in the spectacular building with Disney characters and even an A380 replica that is entirely covered in flowers while you are there.

The Garden of Wonders has a history of being listed in the Guinness Book of Records, most notably as the world’s largest floral garden.

The park is only open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.(10 pm on weekends).

Here is the bonus for you. We have compiled a list of other things which can be done in Dubai Like Shopping, Parks and Resorts.

Shopping in Dubai:

  • Mall of the Emirates, Dubai’s largest and most well-known retail complex, and its numerous stores
  • The Beach at JBR and the Walk promenade
  • De’ra’s Souks
  • Bur Dubai’s Old Souk and Al-Seef Market
  • City Walk is a pedestrian-only area featuring fashionable stores.
  • Madinat Souk Jumeirah
  • The largest American and Italian brands are found in Outlet Village.

IMG Worlds of Adventure:

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into 5 zones:

  • Marvel and its attractions featuring Hulk, Thor and other heroes!
  • Lost Valley, dedicated to the world of dinosaurs
  • Cartoon network
  • IMG-Boulevard, with its restaurants and shops
  • Novo Cinemas, a cinema equipped with the latest technologies.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Several theme parks and hotels are part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex:

  • Motiongate Dubai with its movie attractions, including Kung Fu Panda, Underworld, Zombieland, and Hotel Transylvania!
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai and the different locations therein modelled after Indian movies.
  • Lego bricks are the exclusive focus of Legoland Dubai! Even a Lego-built tiny version of Dubai is on display. Legoland Waterpark is a wave pool and water park.
  • Dubai’s Riverland neighborhood is home to stores and eateries. Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts is a hotel with a Polynesian motif.

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