I J SIM started trading in the early days of 2011 and the business was born out of the need to provide a solution to the ever-increasing phone bills and yet the limited ability to stay connected when travelling abroad on business travel, holiday or a student assignment. The solution came in the form of selling the preloaded data SIM cards from Three networks at that time. Fast forward, I J SIM has well-established and trusted relationships with most of the major UK and international networks and works directly with local and international retailers and end customers to supply them with SIM cards.

It’s established dominance in the tourist and students’ market internationally combined with the unrivalled service makes I J SIM the right partner to do business with.

​We believe that no one should really be paying more than what they need to for a commodity. Yes, we consider telecom, telephone and data as a basic commodity that we need on a daily basis and it is an integral part of our life.

​We run a low-cost operation with minimum staff or warehouse space with the idea being to serve you with the best product at the most competitive price in the market. We are also considerate towards the environment and hence reuse as much packaging as we can instead of using virgin packaging every single time. This is our way of staying green.

And if there is something that we cannot offer, we say that upfront. However hard we try, there are always moments where we may have to accept that we cannot offer everything every single time, so if you do find a better deal than what we can offer, we gracefully accept it and validate it in case it is indeed a better deal. So, with us, you are always in safe and trustworthy hands. These are not just our claims but the words we hear from our customers.

​Buy from International Journey SIM and you will give us the opportunity to serve you again and again!

Customers Feedback

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