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Prepaid Europe/France SIM Cards for Tourists

Traveling to Europe/France can be one of the most exciting and amazing experiences of your life. Visiting famous places like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Cathedral of St. Basil is just some of the many activities you can do in Europe. Traveling to a foreign country can be exciting yet difficult. New language, new people, new roads; you need the help of Google in such a case. Though most places have wifi, sometimes you need internet access, so it’s really important to find the best option for that. Buying a SIM card can be very expensive, and you’ll want to save money for a few other things as well, so buying the correct SIM card is important.

How do Travel SIM cards for Europe work?

International SIM cards are not programmed for certain networks. It is programmed to work on several networks in different geographic locations – especially networks that use the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) framework.

Therefore, to use your phone internationally with a travel SIM card, we recommend a SIM card that is:

  1. Compatible with GSM (many phones).
  2. Unlocked, that is, it is not tied to the provider.
How to buy Travel SIM cards for Europe?

If you’re looking for the best Europe prepaid SIM cards, you’ll find them at IJSIM – locally owned and operated in your country! SIM cards can be bought from other various providers, both online or in-store. However,  these SIM cards are often more than retail price or what we charge for the same bundle or require the payee to sign at least a year-long contract,  which is not ideal for people looking to stay only for 30 days or few months. There are also various pay-as-you-go options, but the cost of these can quickly add up.

If you plan to only use a moderate amount of 4G data, texts, and minutes while you’re away, why not look at our 8GB Europe Data SIM Cards or 12GB Europe SIM Card, which comes with unlimited minutes and SMS within the EU and UK. You’ll be able to take in Paris or Rome in all its beauty and share any photos you may have while you’re away with friends and family back home.

You can buy SIM cards easily at:

Newspaper stands and unaffiliated cellphone stores: For example, in France, most newspaper stands at train stations and airports sell a variety of SIM card products including cards, credits, and packages. These shops sell SIM cards offered by Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, cheap Lycamobile, and other carriers to you.

Specialty Shops: Don’t be afraid to drop into mobile carriers’ stores. However be aware, that they’ll be limited to selling only their particular SIM cards and credits. They won’t be able to offer the objective advice you’re likely to find from a newspaper stand or unaffiliated phone shop.

How to install the SIM card?

While the installation process is different for each device, the process is easy.

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Find the SIM slot
  3. Open it, remove the current card, and inserting a new SIM card
  4. When you turn on the device, you usually need to dial the activation number (included with the card), and it’s ready to go.
Get the Right European SIM Card for you

All of our options for Europe travel SIM cards allow you the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends on holiday. They come in three sizes to fit any phone—from the basic brick to the smartest of iPhones. It always pays to check any specifications before deciding what SIM is right for you, and we hope this has helped. If you like more information use the contact us link above to get in touch with us and get your travel SIM today!