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Chile is a destination with valuable contrasts and dramatic views ranging from the brightness of the Atacama Desert, (which is the driest in the world) in the north, to the ice fields of Patagonia, lush valleys, contemporary forests, vibrant volcanoes, and pristine beaches in the south. This region coincides with Chile’s incredible geography, which in itself is a miracle. The country is considered to be the longest in the world, although its width of only 175 kilometers goes against logic due to its slimness.

Stretching from central South America to its home base, Chile is home to a bustling melting pot that includes charming alpaca herders, rugged and vain compatriots from Patagonia, and the pool of Santiago employees, all of which are dedicated and very welcoming in their hospitality.

South America was once home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. In history, cities of South America have charm, beauty, elegance and are simply need to be explored. Those who are looking for an adventure that’s fit for all members of the family, South America offers plenty of options like beautiful & majestic waterfalls, Amazon jungles, unique cuisine, fascinating and mysterious wildlife. On top of that, there are beautiful brazil beaches and Machu Picchu in Peru which is Nestled within a tropical Peruvian forest almost 8,000 feet above sea level.

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