I J SIM Fun Facts about SIM cards!

Fun Facts about SIM cards!

  1. Ever thought what a SIM means? SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and is known to be ‘Smartphone brains.’ Knowledge is power, stick around.
  2. SIM cards were recently introduced in 1991 in Munich by Gieseche and Devrient. SIM’s revolutionised the entire industry.
  3. SIM cards get a smaller and smaller namely standard sim, micro card and the nano card being the smallest size.
  4. Use your SIM in someone else’s phone and it still works in case of emergencies. It stores all contacts and can be accessed on any phone.
  5. Every SIM has a unique MSISDN called ‘Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number’ which is basically the phone number!
  6. SIMs have a microchip protected by a pin and when turning the power on, a special number is broadcasted called IMSI.
  7. SIMs are used for crime investigation purposes as SIM cards are needed for encryption and decryption.
  8. Mobile Station is the name for the SIM card and the phone it is used in.
  9. E-sim and Soft SIM have already been introduced!
  10. This generation is a SIM card evolution and its more interesting to see what the next two decades will do for the future of SIM cards!

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