I J SIM Few Reasons Why Dual SIM Phones are Best

Few Reasons Why Dual SIM Phones are Best

Today, dual SIM phones are the most commonly seen mobile phone devices in the market. As the technology has been advanced, dual SIM phone has become so much better and improved in terms of capacity and speed they offer whilst working with 2 SIM in the device.

So what is a dual SIM phone?

Dual SIM phone refers to those phones that allow users to have 2 SIM cards in a single device. These SIM cards can be from the same or different network providers and that these can be from Domestic and international telecom companies.

So, what are the benefits of a Dual SIM Phone?

There are several benefits of using a dual SIM phone and we have captured a few of them below

1 – Dual SIM (Phone) –  simply translates to 2 SIM cards in a single device. The ability to have 2 SIM cards in a single device gives the user ability to switch between different mobile networks whilst using the same phone. This saves from carrying 2 physical mobile phone devices. This provides an ideal scenario to segregate work and personal life. Given the modern-day technology in these dual SIM phones, you get to know which line a call or text has arrived. In most Dual SIM phone/s, you can also set a different ringtone for a different number.

2 –  International Tariffs – the second on our list is the internal tariffs. Gone are the days when you would need to switch your phone or remove the first sim to insert a second SIM in your device. A Dual SIM phone gives you the ability to have your international SIM ready even before you leave your home. Your original SIM can still stay in the device and can be used for getting incoming calls or text messages which are normally free to very reasonable. You can also use the data on the travel sim to update your WhatsApp, Facebook etc whilst on the go. This is one offering that we at IJSIM specialise. We at ijsim.com provide preloaded international mobile SIM cards both with voice and data options.

3 – Use as Data Dongle – yes, there are several data-only SIM cards available from ijsim.com that can offers from a few GB to unlimited data a month. So if you are out or just working from home, you need data. Having a dedicated SIM to cater for all your data needs is a big plus and a dual SIM phone is right placed in this category. You can continue to use your regular number and use the second slot for a dedicated data SIM card.

4 – Extended Storage – Whilst we have talked about Dual SIM, there is a hidden benefit of using a Dual SIM phone. Most of the modern phone devices give the user the flexibility of using 2 SIM cards or have one SIM card and a Micro SD card. This way you can easily extend the phone memory by GB’s at a massively lower cost compared to inbuild memory from the manufacturer. This is our next most common usage of Dual SIM phone.

MYTH buster:

  1. Internet Booster

It is widely believed that using two SIM cards 3G or 4G will boost your internet speed. This is a myth, as both the SIM cards do not interact with each other in any way. Although, indeed, some of the older dual SIM mobile phones don’t have an active high-speed data connection on the second SIM slot. This limitation is disappearing fast.

  1. Active Slots

It is normally believed that both slots are always active which is not true. Several Dual SIM phone offers only active/passive connection. That means only 1 of the 2 SIM cards will work at a time. So it is recommended that you check your device before you purchase if you intended to use both SIM cards simultaneously.

To conclude, going with a dual SIM phone is a brainer in our opinion.  It provides the ability to have additional SIM at no extra cost of the additional handset and can provide so many benefits from segregation of personal vs business line, international travel tariffs, extended memory, etc. By keeping dual SIM phones in mind, we at ijsim.com cater for both domestics, internal SIM cards, and Micro SD cards. For further queries please contact us.

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