Creative Ways to Stay Connected During the Pandemic

Our need for human relationships is at the heart of our health and wellness. From work and personal relationships to doctor appointments, some of our best relationships have become digital bringing people together, even when we are separated. If you are looking for ways to stay connected, read on to find creative ways to stay with the important people in your life during the pandemic.

Online Team Building Activities

For some, the transition from work to home has never been easier. The involvement of employees and colleagues is essential to reduce stress and maintain productivity. Virtual team building is a great way to help employees get to know everyone. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom are great options for hosting virtual team building events. 

say and show

Some of your favorite childhood memories can include a long-awaited show. Turns out, say and show is a fun, virtual team-building activity for coworkers. One way this can work is for each team member to have about one to two minutes to share something tangible or intangible at the start of the conversation. It could range from cookies you baked on your lunch break to an exotic pet that no one knew you had. Not only does this provide a glimpse into the lives of the people you work with, but it’s also a unique way to break up the monotony of regular meetings.

Fun Home Office Tours

Their work can also be enjoyed by the show office and house building to support housework. This activity can be achieved by inviting team members to a regular meeting, to connect, share tips and tricks, or it can simply serve as an icebreaker at the beginning of a regular online meeting.

Happy Hours of Week

Happy hour videos are a great way to chat after work. Happy hour or not, happy hour allows coworkers to spend time together without being in “work hours.” Customize your video conference grid view so everyone can see each other and take an hour to pass the time. Sometimes setting a topic for the week can help keep the conversation open, such as “What’s your favorite food?” Or “Where will you go on vacation, if possible?”

Activities for Family and Friends

We are closely related to humans. Therefore, losing family and friends while in isolation is one of the hardest, especially when it means not celebrating birthdays, graduations, and other special events together. It is difficult not to personally support an individual in times of distress or tragedy. Here are some ideas to help you stay in touch with people you care about and take care of yourself and your family.

Group Meals

A video conferencing platform perfect for keeping in touch. Bring friends and family together and host a virtual happy hour, afternoon tea, dinner party, or Sunday brunch. To enhance each other’s feelings, send everyone the same recipe to prepare and eat together.

Sharing Movie Together

Hurry to bring some popcorn and your favorite candies to the party. The Netflix Party Chrome extension allows you to watch Netflix shows and movies together. TwoSeven is another movie sharing tool that lets you share content from Amazon, Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, and HBO Now.

Online Book Clubs

Many people have book clubs. But now there is no longer any possibility to meet directly to discuss our favorite and least favorite book. An online book club is a great way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues.

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