I J SIM Countries allowing tourists during a pandemic

Countries allowing tourists during a pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to be at our homes for a quite long time now. With the things opening back once more the danger of getting infected also increased. So in case if you are looking forward to having a holiday, being careful and protected is important. Here are the 5 things which you should keep in mind while traveling with your loved ones.

1. Make a list of travel essentials

2. Wash hands regularly

3. Be mindful of the water and food

4. Keep distance from people

5. Clean your surrounding.

European countries are opening up for tourists after almost a year of COVID-19 induced restrictions. In hope of luring tourists back to the continent’s territories, vistas, and cultural treasures. However, travelers will need the patience to work out who’s allowed into which country, how, and when. Here is the list of the countries which IJSIM has compiled for you which are now open.

1. France

France is allowing the visitors who are vaccinated by one of the four European-approved vaccinations: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. It is for Americans as long as they can produce proof of fully vaccinated. It does not apply to China and Russia where other vaccines are used.

France is allowing the visitors who are vaccinated from outside Europe and few “Green” Countries will have to show the negative PCR test no older than 72 hours, or a negative antigen test of no more than 48 hours. Children who are not vaccinated are allowed with vaccinated adults, but they will have to show a negative test report from age 11.

Tourists from 16 countries are banned which are on the red list and still struggling with the coronavirus. That includes tourists from India, South Africa, and Brazil.

2. Italy

American Tourists are allowed in Italy since mid-May. However, they have to be self-isolated for 10 days unless they arrive on so-called Covid Tested Flights. That means the passengers who have been tested for covid before and after the flight and must give the information about their whereabouts.

These Covid Tested Flights from the US have been started since December and have also been operating from Canada, Japan, and UAE Since May.

Visitors from Britain and Israel are also allowed since last month, but they have to Show the Negative Covid test report taken no more than 48 hours before arrival.

The same rules apply to travelers from EU countries and those on “COVID-tested” flights from the US, Canada, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

3. Greece

Greece had started its tourism for American tourists in April and now they are allowing visitors from China, Britain, and 20 other countries for nonessential travel.

All the tourists must provide a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR Test and must provide their whereabouts and plans in Greece. On June 1, Greece, Germany, and five other bloc members introduced a COVID certificate system for travelers.

4. Spain

Spain started its summer tourism season by welcoming the tourists who are vaccinated from the U.S and most countries, as well as European Visitors but they have to show the Covid Negative Test Report.

The American tourists and non-Europeans will have to show the vaccination Certificate by the US Health authority. Spain is allowing the visitors who are vaccinated by one of the four European – approved vaccinations: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. And two Chinese vaccines

Authorised by the World Health Organisation that too at least two weeks before the trip.

Tourists from Brazil, South Africa, and India are banned at the moment because of high Covid infection rates. But the Countries which are at low risk can arrive without any health documents. European tourists need to provide the Vaccination Certificate, or a negative antigen or PCR test was taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Few other countries are also currently open for tourism. Following countries are allowing the tourists:

1. African Countries:

Egypt, Mauritania, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan-has removed all the restrictions from the tourists but they have to provide a negative Covid Test taken not earlier than 72 hours of arrival.

2. Asian Countries:

· China-China is currently not allowing any tourists. But they have launched Travel Passports for a Chinese citizen to travel abroad.

· Hong Kong and Singapore – Hong Kong and Singapore had announced limited flights between the 2 countries under a provisional travel bubble/corridor.

· Mongolia-Mongolia has started its international flights from the 1st of June. But tourists have to provide vaccination certificated at least 2 weeks before your trip. And a negative Covid Test was taken not earlier than 72 hours of arrival.

· Nepal-Nepal has recently opened for tourists but you have to provide a Negative COVID test within 48 hours is required on arrival.

· Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka has announced a new program whereby vaccinated people can travel throughout the country freely. Visitors require a negative PCR test on arrival.

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