Recommended travel accessories

9 Recommended travel accessories for 2020.

This blog can help you with how to travel smarter and safer in 2020 with 9 brilliant travel accessories from the best facemasks, adapters, earplugs to some tech gadgets.

  1. Document organiser

The most important thing you carry on a trip is not your mobile phone nor your laptop. It’s the documents for traveling especially the passport. For keeping documents safe and organized you must need a document organiser.

  1. Duffle bag/backpack

We mostly use trolley bags for conventional luggage at the airport. But having a backpack or duffle bag is the most comfortable and convenient luggage for short destinations. There are many handbags available in the market which can be used as backpacks and are most versatile.

  1. Universal Travel Power Adapter with USB

It is now an essential travel accessory for modern travelers. Depending on your destination, a travel adapter can be very useful during the trip for you to stay charged up. provides the all in one universal travel adapter with smart USB charging across several devices simultaneously. It has a resettable fuse & surge protection safety system which is the great feature to have in any travel adapter.

  1. USB Multi charger

During traveling, we sometimes face the problem of not having enough power outlets to charge all of our devices. With the various type of USB port across the gadgets, a multi USB charger can be a solution to the problem. Especially when you are traveling in a group. provides the USB Multi Charging Cable Combined with iP, Micro USB, Type C 3 different connectors that Support 3A in total to charge 3 devices more quickly charged at the same time also provide Universal Compatibility

  1. Noise cancelation earphones/headphones

A good pair of headphones can help you focus and in the context of the trip, improve your travel experience. If you are planning to purchase headphones, go with noise-canceling headphones. It is extremely useful in loud environments like planes, buses, trains. provides the noise-canceling headphones with Portable Comfort. This earphone is  Easy to slip in your pocket or backpack, which also comes with 3 sizes of silicone earbuds and a durable carry case.

It comes with a built-in microphone and a remote button so you are able to take and make calls on the go and have control over your music. This earphone is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 Players, Android Devices, Tablets, and more.

  1. Professional protective masks

Face masks are now essential when you are traveling through the airline, train, or using any public transport vehicle or even while riding in a cab, or taxi. Wearing a face mask in public places minimises the possibilities of you passing or catching the virus. offers KN95 Professional Protective Masks which is manufactured with 4 layered, fluid repellent material, in a 3D shape to provide increased breathability whilst wearing. Approved to use for a single 8-hour shift. Compliant and tested to UK standards EN149.

  1. Hand sanitizer gel

Keeping your hand germs free during the COVID-19 period is very necessary. You may not realize but touch all kinds of stuff during traveling can be the reason for transmitting the various kind of bacteria and viruses which cause many diseases. Hand sanitizer is a handy solution for staying germ-free on your trip.

  1. Digital camera

New smartphone cameras are getting so powerful these days and also have the advantage of being lightweight and more user friendly. But having a DSLR or mirrorless cameras are superior in some aspects such as optical zoom. If you are into photography and want to click top-notch travel pictures then you should bring a camera with you on your trip. 

  1. Memory card for your devices

If you like clicking pictures on your trip then a memory card is the most recommend accessory for you. Morden memory cards have the capacity to store huge amounts of data in a single small size card. You can use memory cards in devices like mobile phones, SLRs, dashcam, drones, MP3, digital video cameras, digital cameras, e-books, audio-video(AV) equipment, and other electronic products. offers Kingston select Canvas Select Plus microSD card in different data storage capacity from 16GB to 128GB with The speed of 100MB/s read. And the compatibility of UHS-I, U1, V10, A1 (16GB-128GB).

Finally, when you have secured the above essentials for your next trip, don’t forget to get that sim card which will help you stay connected. Take an international journey sim card from with you on your trip and stay connected with your loved once wherever you travel.

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