I J SIM Stay Connected Online during Covid-19

10 tips of staying connected during Covid-19 crises

  • Virtual Meet up with friends and family

Video calling is the best way to see loved ones during a pandemic. Unable to see family in person can feel lonely. Seeing family on video can boost charisma. Apps such as Zoom, Houseparty are best for this.

  • Exercising or workout with mates on video calls

Exercising to help the body remain fit is essential during a lockdown. However, exercising alone could be a little boring. Why not try exercising with family and friends or even your next-door neighbour on a video call? Sounds fun right!

  • Taking a virtual tour

Missing outdoors tours? Of course, the pandemic has caused great pressure to stay home. Gladly, many virtual tours are available online and it feels as if you are just there. Museums, castles, universities, zoos as well as places of worship have virtual tours available. Try now!

  • Connecting on social media

Stop feeling worried, anxious or lonely. Talk to loved ones or go online to connect with people.

  • Try new recipes 

Cooking is fun! However, many of us are busy with our day to day lives. COVID-19 has forced many of us to be home. Why not be productive and try different recipes at home and excel in cooking.

  • Online Games and quizzes 

Online games are super exciting especially when game applications can connect people from different parts of the world and play together.

  • Read books or blogs

Reading relives stress, slows down heart rate and relaxes muscles as the brain is engaged in the story. It elaborates vocabulary. Read! Read!  Read!

  • Do the things you enjoy

Do the thing you have always wanted to do, play the guitar, learn new dance steps, paint or sketch! Share them with people around to help cheer them up.

  • Free courses

There are plenty of free courses to look at on Futurelearn.com or udemy. Some courses award a certificate of completion in the end.

  • Plan trips/tasks, post pandemic

Planning future trips with family or making future goals can help stimulate your brain and refresh moods and get people excited for the future.

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